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Celltrion USA
Address : 1 Evertrust Plaza, Suite 1207, Jersey City, NJ, USA 07302
Email : celltrion_usa@celltrionhc.com
Reporting of Side Effects
Adverse events should be reported. Please report adverse events for Celltrion USA’s biologic drugs
by calling 1-800-560-9414 or sending an email to ae_usa@celltrionhc.com.
You are also encouraged to report adverse events to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch.

All adverse events for Celltrion USA’s generic drugs and Covid test kits should be reported to PVGchemical@celltrion.com or 1-844-837-6511.
Reporting of Product Quality Complaints
You can report product complaints directly via Celltrion USA customer service.

We recommend the below information be included in the report.
1. Information of Complainant (Name of customer/company, address, contact information)
2. Product Name
3. Batch Number and Expiry Date
4. Number of Products for complaint

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